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      Business/Personal Use

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      Faster and Easier Finance with Adrian – Integral Loan Solutions

      Adrian has built a solid reputation in the consumer lending industry for 9 years. Adrian’s has a depth of experience across margin lending, home lending in a big 4 bank branch & as a mortgage and asset finance broker. His drive and determination to serve the customer is second to none.

      At Integral Loan Solutions we understand that your time is valuable. You can speak to a Mobile Lender before work, after hours or on the weekend. We can meet you at home, at the office or anywhere in between.

      Easy and Simple

      Fill out the form and let us help pick the right car loan for you.

      Flexible Finance Terms

      We setup your car loan with terms that suit you on a payment plan you choose.

      High Approval Rate

      We will try to get you a vehicle loan quickly and provide a quote for you asap.

      Competitive Rates

      We will negotiate the most competitive rate for your vehicle loan

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why use a broker for car finance?

      1. We save you time – A broker takes the hard work out of comparing many lenders, rates, fees & charges.
      2. We limit your credit inquiries to multiple lenders – You dont need to submit to multiple lenders which create a mark on your credit report. We know where to place applications to get you the best rate and the best chance of getting your loan approved.
      3. Personal Individualised service – A broker manages the loan application from start to finish. This takes the stress out of managing a complication loan application
      4. Saves you money – A broker has access to many lenders and has the best chance of finding you the most competitive rate and loan.
      5. A broker works directly for you not for the banks – We dont have access to just one lender. Its our job to find you the best deal no matter which lender you choose from.

      What lenders do you use ?

      Integral Loan Solutions is different to other brokers in the market; we don’t want to deal with every lender available and we will not be the right choice for everyone looking for finance. You will never hear us tell you to go and register an ABN so you get a loan tomorrow, there are plenty of brokers who will do that for you and unfortunately there are also a few lenders who will accept these kinds of loans.

      Do you charge a fee for this service?

      Our service is completely FREE.

      Are you based in Australia?

      Integral Loan Solutions is a locally owned and operated business based in the heart of Sydney.

      How much can I borrow for a car loan?

      As part of the car loan process you will be provided a quote which shows you the amount you can borrow. The quote is supplied to you prior to submitting your application. This assists you to review the offer prior to signing the loan documents.

      How much will my car loan repayments be?

      There are a few factors that will impact your repayments. Some of these include:

      • Loan term – The shorter the loan term the higher the repyaments.
      • Balloon payment – If there will be a residual amount left on the loan at the end that you will need to pay.
      • Credit rating
      • New or Used car
      • Secured or Unsecured loan
      • Size of the loan and the down payment

      What information is required for a car loan application?

      At Integral Loan Solutions we supply all types of loans. This can be from full doc loans to low doc. You will be informed from the initial inquiry on what will be needed and guided through the whole process.